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Doug Jones Research is a company specializing in market research for radio stations.

While we provide the usual perceptual studies, focus groups, and auditorium music tests, we do so with a flair for the unconventional.  Doing research the same way as everyone else provides no unique competitive advantage.

Most everyone is looking at their listeners in the same way. All of the organizations doing quality research in the market today can probably determine the answers to these typical questions equally well : 

  • What is your core age group?
  • How do they feel about your station?
  • Which station do they think is getting better?
  • What do they think of your music mix?
  • How do they evaluate your morning show?
  • What programming elements are most important to them?

But, does this tell you who your listeners really are? Why they listen to your station? What attracts them to your station's music mix and your on-air personalities?

We seek clients who have a passion for radio; program directors who feel that they can out-program anyone if they have an accurate and comprehensive understanding of their listeners. We give them that competitive edge with in-depth survey questions such as these: 

  • What do my listeners worry about?
  • What are some their favorite things to do?
  • Do they have a positive outlook on life?
  • Are they liberal or conservative?
  • Do they go to church regularly?
  • What do they regret about their life?
  • Are they happily married?
  • Do they like their job?
  • What causes them the most stress?
  • What personality characteristics do they find in their best friend?
After all, aren't listeners just people first?.

It is our opinion that good programmers with this type of information can have a significantly more relatable air staff, a better web site, better targeted promotions and programming that engenders more passion from their listeners. 

As part of our standard auditorium music testing procedure, we include The Profiler, exclusive to Doug Jones Research,  which looks at, and illustrates the human side of your listeners.

 We can then define how your Primary Listeners are similar or different from your occasional and casual listeners. Do your Primary Listeners share enough personal characteristics with your occasional and causal listeners  to the point where it is possible to convert these secondary listeners into Primary Listeners?  Or are they so different that you would have to make wholesale changes to lure them into your camp, and thus jeopardizing your core?

At Doug Jones Research, we have been collecting this type of data since 1999.  We now have a national data base with a sample size of over 4,000.  We have collected this information from small towns (like Clovis, NM) and major markets (like Atlanta) all across America.  We know the listener differences  between formats.  Do you?

Ask your staff.  Ask yourself.  Take the quiz, and see how well you know the human characteristics unique to various formats.